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About Alta

Alta is the largest city in Finnmark. The municipal area has approximately 20,600 inhabitants. Alta has a striking natural scenery, with proximity to the sea, mountains, and Finnmarksvidda plateau.

Alta is a place of great growth, and many people are making the city their new home. There is a variety of cultural offerings and the city has a college and an airport.

The various religious congregations in the city enjoy a great cooperative environment between themselves.



In Alta, you can go fishing in the rivers that run through the area or test your fishing luck at sea. The Alta River is named by many as one of the best fishing rivers in Norway. People come here from far and wide to try their luck and catch salmon from the unique salmon stock.

Maybe you are the one with the next big catch?

In the sea you will find an abundance of delicacies, just waiting to be hauled up. Several companies offer guided fishing trips in the area.

SarvesAlta Activity Park

Barely 10 minutes from Solvang you will find SarvesAlta Activity Park. In the winter season, you can choose from several newly prepared slalom trails at all levels of difficulty.

In the summer season, you can tackle various climbing challenges in the world’s northernmost climbing park. Here you will find two trails for those between 120-140 cm, as well as six trails for those over 140 cm. At SarvesAlta there is something for the whole family!

Summit hikes

Embark on one of Alta’s ten waymarked summit hikes. You can choose between hikes for all skill levels – from 182-905 MSL. Most of the hikes consist of a reasonable distance and difficulty for most people, except for the highest peaks, which are only recommended for people in good shape.

All the summits provide a good view of the unique nature Alta offer and the surrounding area offers.

Most of the summit hikes begin at parking lots, where it is possible to park your vehicle.

Northern Lights

Experience the spectacle that is Aurora Borealis – the phenomenon that captivates even the most well-traveled. Solvang is perfectly located for northern lights tourism. See the magic light show from your front door.

If you are the more adventurous type, several companies offer northern lights safaris. Where you travel to see the northern lights in areas with particularly low light pollution.

No matter how you look at it – the Northern Light is a sight you will not soon forget.

Dog Sledding

Experience a real sense of speed behind a pack of racing dogs. Dog sledding is a popular and traditional activity in the area. The largest dog sled race in Norway starts and ends in Alta, and here you can also get the opportunity to try dog sledding yourself. Dog sledding requires no prior knowledge but is mostly reserved for adults. Children can ride in the sled.

With dog sledding, you get a unique, action-packed experience in northern Norwegian nature.

Northern Lights Cathedral

One of the most debated buildings in Norway in modern times. The cathedral is decorated by the Danish artist Peter Brandes and designed by the architectural firm Link from Stavanger. The cathedral was opened in 2013.

Whether you glance at the cathedral with raised eyebrows or with a sense of wonder, it is difficult to remain neutral in the face of one of Alta’s most notable landmarks.

The design of the building is inspired by the northern lights. Come and see for yourself!

Tirpitz Museum

During World War II, Kåfjord in Alta was the port of the large and dreaded German warship, Tirpitz. The Altafjord was widely used as a port for the Germans, as the fjord was strategically located to stop supply lines to the Eastern Front. At the Tirpitz Museum you can experience items from the boat and stories from the resistance struggle in Alta. The museum houses the largest collection of Tirpitz photos in the world.

Sami Siida

Do you want to experience real Sami culture and way of life? Then Sami Siida is the right place for you. The area is a former Sami settlement that has now been turned into a museum and an experience center. Here you can experience reindeers, lavvos, Sami costumes, equipment, and much more. Guided tours by experienced guides are offered.

Activities in Alta

Want to know more about what you can do when you visit Alta? Visit the activity page Where you can find a lot of useful information about what to do in Alta, good shopping spots, restaurants, and other activities. The site also has information about the city, events, and much more.
You can also visit the Facebook page “Hva skjer i Alta?” for an updated overview of activities in the area.

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