Accommodation and camping

Accomodation and camping at Solvang

Solvang Camping is open year-round – both for midnight sun and northern lights tourists. We operate with reduced opening hours from October to May but are available if needed. The place is run with ordinary camping operations.

At Solvang Camping, you will find accommodation options that should suit most people. We have several rooms in the main house, two large campsite cabins with room for 21 people. As well as nine smaller camping cabins. We also have a large parking space for caravans and motorhomes.


The cabins at Solvang Camping are available in several different sizes and standards:

Cabin 1-2 – Large campsite cabins

The two large campsite cabins can accommodate 21 people. Each cabin has 4 rooms with 3-6 beds. The rooms have dining tables, chairs, cabinets, and sinks. The 4 rooms share a bathroom located in the hallway. Each room can be booked separately.

Cabin 3-6 – Camping cabins for 4 people

We have 4 camping cabins with 4 beds – each with a bunk bed and a 120 cm wide sofa bed. The cabins are newly renovated and include a kitchen and a bathroom. In the cabins, you will also find dining tables and chairs.

Cabin 7-10 – Camping cabins for 3 people

We have 4 camping cabins with a family bunk with 3 beds, and a single bed. The cabins are best suited for small families of 2 children and 2 adults or 2-3 individuals. The cabins each have a dining table and chairs, hob, and refrigerator. There is also a small balcony in front, with a table and chairs. The cabins do not have running water or a bathroom, but you can use the facilities in the service building, which is located close by


The rooms are located on the ground floor of the main house:

Small apartment

The apartment consists of a bedroom and a living room with a kitchen and seating. The bedroom has a family bunk with 3 beds. In the kitchen/living room there is a double sofa bed. The apartment has a mini-kitchen, dining table, and chairs, as well as a shower and bathroom adjacent to the room.

Double room – Room 3

The room shares an entrance, mini kitchen, toilet, and shower with room 4. Family bunk and single bed with a total of 4 beds, dining table, chairs, and cabinets. The room can be booked alongside room 4 for plenty of space for a large family.

Double room – Room 4

The room shares entrance and common area with room 3. 2 beds, cabinets, dining table, and chairs. Shower, toilet, and cooking facilities are also adjacent to the room. The room can be booked alongside room 3 for plenty of space for the extended family.

Motorhomes and caravans

We have a spacious parking space for caravans and motorhomes.

We have 30 parking spaces with electricity. The shower, toilet, water, and emptying station are in the service house on site.

Kitchen facilities and living areas can also be found in the service house.

Service house

Solvang Camping has a very nice service house with a kitchen available to our guests.

The service house consists of:

  • Front desk
  • Reception / Kiosk
  • Spacious kitchen with cooking facilities and dishwasher
  • Shower facilities with sauna
  • Living room with TV

Outdoor areas

The outdoor area around Solvang is pretty as a picture.

In the middle of the pine forest, by the banks of the Altafjord, you will find scenic Solvang Camping. During the summer months, you can experience endless days in lovely surroundings with a sun that never sets. The outdoor area has a campfire site and playground, which lends itself to fun and games. The service house has a balcony with chairs where you can sit back and take in the tranquil landscape.

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