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Solvang Camping had its small beginning a July day in 1971. The place was founded by the Vest-Finnmark krets, in what was then called Det norske Lutherske Indremisjonsselskapet, which is now called Normisjon. The founders had a vision to create a campsite and bought the land on Transfarelvmoen in 1968.

The campsite was inaugurated in July 1971, at the national youth conference of Indremisjonsselskapet. In the early ’70s, the owners decided to open for camping tourists in the summer and had service houses and cabins built on the plot. Since then, Solvang has been a campsite during the summer months and a campsite for religious groups for the rest of the year.

Our family-friendly profile has been immensely popular and continues to attract guests. Over the years, many adults and children have formed lifelong memories in the pine forest at Solvang.

Solvang is owned by Normisjon and is operated both as a campsite open for tourists and as a Christian campsite.

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